Chassis Refurbishments

The foundation of your park home

All park homes rest on the metal chassis and its supporting structure. It is the foundation, and the only part of a park home, that cannot be replaced. The chassis condition and supports, therefore, are integral to the security, stability and healthy longevity of the home.

The chassis is not high maintenance but neither should it be neglected! It is subjected to many stresses and strains which a professional underfloor survey will identify.

Professional and leading experts in the inspection & refurbishment of the under side of all park homes. We are driven to deliver exceptional customer service with a focus on quality workmanship, integrity, reliability and competitive pricing. We maintain the base of your home to prolong its lifespan for years to come. We also create a warmer, cosier home for you with our fibre underfloor insulation system.

Regal Park Home Refurbishments always carry out a site survey prior to any works commencing.

Take the weight off your mind

All work carried out by Regal Park Home Refurbishments comes with a 10 year guarantee and is transferable to any new ownership.

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Underfloor Insulation

Regal park home refurbishments uses 25mm Celotex Foil backed solid core insulation witch is the leading park home underfloor insulation system. It is designed with superior materials to provide maximum warmth and long term performance. This is the best product to use aluminium surfaces are coated to give durability and protection against corrosion which will give your park home a waterproof insulation system to protect from the damp and the traditional wet English weather. Celotex is the only fully SEALED and BONDED system to eliminate all air gaps and draughts

The very latest in insulation technology.
Helping to save money on your heating bills by protecting from drafts and heat-loss from your park home to the ground. The aluminium layers helps to reflect radiant heat back into the Park Home, helping to keep it warmer. Works for NEW & OLD Park Homes

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