Cladding Systems

Regal Park Home Refurbishments provide maintenance Free cladding systems which is specifically designed for park homes, while increasing the value of your property. At Regal Park Home Refurbishments, we use the Royal Crest vinyl cladding, it comes with a 50 year guarantee in a choice of 16 colours.

Royal Crest Cladding exceeds all Canadian, American and Eastern European building standards and has certification from the French Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment Technical Judgement, similar to the UK British Board of Agreement Certificate and has also been wind tested to 140mph.

Royal Crest cladding will not dent, peel, flake, rust or corrode, colour through process never needs painting and will never fade and is maintenance free. This product is self extinguishing and has a range of safety measures to protect your home and comes with a 50 year guarantee.

Regal Park Home Refurbishments can fit Vinyl cladding features on request at no extra cost such as brick effect corners and two-tones band, which can make your park home look more modern and elegant.

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Overframe Insulation

Overframing and insulating is the verybest way to save you money and reduce your Carbon Fooprint. We overframe with 25.50mm treated timber and insulate with Celotex Insulation, which reduces your heating costs, and helps protect the environment, while strengthening your walls and helping to reduce noise levels.

Regal Park Home Refurbishments is one of the largest names in the park home industry and our overframing and inulation package is second to none.

We use Celotex insulation which has a rigid PIR foam core, which gives the highest thermal performance for the minimum of thickness. It has a tough woven grid and aluminium facing. Celotex Insulation prevents heat loss and distributes heat evenly throughout your park home, while eliminating cold spots, and we only use the very best treated timber for overframing.

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